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Your doctor or physiotherapist can prescribe professional handmade orthotics tailored to provide relief from your complaints!

Orthopaedic Shoes

Orthopaedic Handmade Shoes

Whether you have pain or deformities, which require support or relief for your feet, we make the perfect shoes for the job.

Diabethic Handmade Shoes

Diabetic Handmade Shoes

Many people with diabetes have very special requirements for their footwear. In some cases due to nerve damage the feet are unaware of pressure, often resulting in ulcureted feet.

Shoe modifications

Shoe Modifications

As a master orthopaedic shoemaker, Samuel Welter is an expert in optimising your shoes to your personal requirements.


Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)

Intended to control the position of the foot and motion of the ankle to support weak limbs or to support a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position.… Read More