Shoe Modifications

Shoe modifications are beneficial for treatment of many medical conditions and injuries.
These conditions can be (but are not limited to):

Goals of Shoe Modifications Treatment

  • Provide ankle and foot stability in stance. 
  • Control biomechanical alignment of the foot and ankle in locomotion (pronation, supination)
  • Aid in adaption to surfaces
  • Redistribute pressures on the foot
  • Resist external forces on the foot and ankle
  • Limit excessive movements in the foot and ankle
  • Protect the foot and ankle
  • Provide shock absorption  
  • Produce a more energy efficient gait pattern

Shoe Modifications Application

Shoe modifications work best when used within a neutral shoe with an appropriate heel counter.  Shoe modifications cannot be switched between shoes.  

Living with Shoe Modifications (follow up)

Living with the corrections provided by the shoe modifications may take some time to get used to.  The shoe modifications should not be painful; however, it is not uncommon to feel some initial discomfort.  The break-in period should not last more than two weeks. If you experience rubbing or blisters, please book an appointment with ourselves.  If you are experiencing pain after two weeks please book a follow up appointment Samuel. Shoe modifications can often be modified or refurbished.


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