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WCB 2018

WCB2018 Welters

Welter’s Personalised Footwear Ltd. exhibited at the WCB 2018 in Dublin Convention Centre July 8th to 12th inclusive

Great discussions

Under the bright lights of the Dublin Convention Centre we spent a week talking and listening to like-minded biomechanical specialists. We engaged with Eng. Sofia Scataglini PhD, Royal Military Academy Belgium who endorsed our work. Our recommendations and observations for enhancing Military personnel workwear have impressed her.

We also engaged with a biomechanical engineer based in Oxford University. She has undertaken a major study on the members of the British Navy Forces. They want to understand how the correct footwear with orthotics can affect the wellbeing of personnel.


Their and Sam’s conclusion were, if there is some limited range of movement in any of the joints of the feet, the wearer must have at the very least customised orthotic insoles. The best solution is customised orthotic insoles with appropriate adjustments to the issued/uniform shoes to maintain correct alignment and easier mobility.

Based on this we are looking forward to work with Biomechanical Engineers to develop more supportive and comfortable footwear.


While at the Congress we managed to demonstrate our skills in the real understanding of static & dynamic to representatives from Mc Gill University, Montreal and Stanford University, U.S.A.

We have agreed to hand make some customised orthotic insoles for these people and these will be winging their way across the seas shortly with a report/update to follow.

About the WCB

The World Congress of Biomechanics is held once every 4 years and is the premier meeting worldwide in its field.The main international biomechanics societies will fold their 2018 annual meetings into the 2018 World Congress. Hence we met many biomechanical specialists at the congress.

The field of biomechanics sits at the interface of engineering and medicine and research in the field. This has revolutionised medicine, particularly in the area of medical devices. Ireland’s medical technology sector has evolved into one of the leading clusters globally. The congress aims to enhance links between the clinical and academic research community and industry in the medical technology sector.


The way this congress was conducted deserves the recognition and appreciation of Welter’s Personalised Footwear. Thanks to Mary-Rose and her colleagues in Keynote PCO and to the staff at the Dublin Convention Centre. It was a showcase for what Ireland Inc can do and a credit to all involved.